Some writers need a quiet room overlooking the water. Others favor black coffee. As for me, I usually need loud music. Not necessarily good music either. When I was writing Crossing California, to immerse myself in the 444 days of the Iranian hostage crisis. I listened to the music that my characters might have enjoyed. In The Washington Story, I listened to a whole lot of 80s music. I haven't talked much about my forthcoming novel Ellington Boulevard yet, but it has a soundtrack too. When I was working with the marketing department of Riverhead Books on Crossing California, we talked about the possibility of releasing a soundtrack CD with the book. That would have been prohibitively expensive and difficult. But, you can still make your own mix CD for the books; here are the playlists.

Current playlist for next as-yet-untitled novel

Stop, Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper

Hot Sand, Shocking Blue

The Boys of Summer, The Hooters

A Million Miles Away, The Plimsouls

Straight Outta Compton, Nina Gordon

Funplex, The B-52’s

Forget That Day, The Go-Go’s

You’re Asking Me, Ray Davies

Toxic, Britney Spears

Life Itself, Bruce Springsteen

Out of Habit, Ani DiFranco

All Sparks, Editors

Stay in Time, Off Broadway

Shut Down, Beach Boys

Urge for Going, Joni Mitchell

The Thieves of Manhattan

People of the South Wind, Kansas

Walking The Curve, Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures

Jamaica Farewell, Harry Belafonte

Can She Forgive My Wrongs, Alfred Deller

Our Lips Are Sealed, Fun Boy Three

Gun, Gil Scott-Heron

Noble Art, Iam

Urge for Going, Joni Mitchell

Afro-Blue, Oscar Brown Jr.

Steady As She Goes, The Raconteurs

My Father’s Bonus March

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime, Bing Crosby

Hong Kong Blues, Hoagy Carmichael

Black Gal What Makes You Head So Hard, Joe Pullum

Bonus Blues, Joe Pullum

I'm Gonna Have My Fun, Carl Martin

When I Get My Bonus, Peetie Wheatstraw

When The Soldiers Get Their Bonus, Cripple Clarence Lofton and Red Nelson

When I Get My Money, Bumble Bee Slim

Trouble in Mind, Big Bill Broonzy

Ellington Boulevard

Stolen Car, by Beth Orton

The Miller’s Son, by Stephen Sondheim

Changes, by Tupac

Sex Kills, by Joni Mitchell

Angola Louisiana, by Gil Scott-Heron

Boom, Like That, by Mark Knopfler

Smells Like Teen Booty, by Soulwax

When Doves Cry, by Patti Smith

Yonder Comes Sin, by Bob Dylan

Stratford-on-Guy, by Liz Phair

Little Wheel Spin and Spin, by Buffy Sainte-Marie

Welcome to Chicago, by Kill Hannah

Air Algiers, by Country Joe McDonald

He’s A Fly Guy, by Curtis Mayfield

Zum Meer, by Herbert Groenemeyer

Shine It All Around, by Robert Plant

Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes

Afro Blue, by Oscar Brown Jr.

Potted Shrimp, by The Rolling Stones

Yahweh, by U2

Town With No Cheer, by Tom Waits

The Washington Story

Let’s Go Crazy, by Prince

Miami Vice Theme, by Jan Hammer

Der Kommissar, by Falco

Relax, by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Whip It, by Devo

It’s Like That, by Run-DMC

Super Bowl Shuffle, by the Chicago Bears’ Shufflin’ Crew

Eye Of The Tiger, by Survivor

Far From Over, by Frank Stallone

Who Can It Be Now, by Men At Work

Owner of A Lonely Heart, by Yes

Born In The USA, by Bruce Springsteen

I Might Like You Better (If We Slept Together), by Romeo Void

Fortress Around Your Heart, by Sting

Tainted Love, by Soft Cell

Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats

Against All Odds, by Phil Collins

Send Me An Angel, by Real Life

Sweetheart Like You, by Bob Dylan

Crossing California

Call Me, by Blondie

More Than A Feeling, by Boston

Baker Street, by Gerry Rafferty

Sultans of Swing, by Dire Straits

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover, by Paul Simon

Dust In The Wind, by Kansas

Michele, by Gerard Lenorman

A Little More Love, by Olivia Newton John

Who Are You, by The Who

Miss You, by The Rolling Stones

Free Money, by Patti Smith

The Magnificent Seven, by The Clash

The Stranger, by Billy Joel

Kashmir, by Led Zeppelin

Modern Lovers, by The Modern Lovers

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, by Rod Stewart

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